Fxlion SKYTHREE 48V DC Output V-Mount Battery Adapter


Fxlion SKYTHREE 48V DC Output V-Mount Battery Adapter

The SKY THREE – 48V DC Output Adapter offers you 48V high power output for big LED lights. It works like this: You just put four charged V-Mount batteries onto the converter, and it converts the voltage up to 48V. The sturdy V-Mount plates hold your battery safely and ensure an uninterrupted operation. You can either use four 14.8V batteries to get a maximum output of 750W or four 26V batteries to get a maximum output of 1000W. The SKY THREE auto-identifies the incoming voltage and adjusts accordingly. Please note that you cannot mix 14.8V & 26V batteries with this device.  A small fan inside the unit keeps the electronics from heating up too much, this is especially useful in high temperature conditions. For other DC Output Adapters, have a look at this page.The 48V DC Output Adapter is incredibly small and has rubber corners. There is a steel wire rope that can be used to hang the Sky Three on a stand or light fixture. The handle makes it easy to carry with. Please check before use how much Energy your light draws to ensure a proper operation. To find the right cable, take a look at our Cable page.

● DC- Input: 14.8V x 4 (batteries) / 26V x 4 (batteries)
● DC-Output: 48V / 750W (with 4 x 14.8V batteries), 48V / 1000W (with 4 x 26V batteries)
● Dimensions: 178(L)mm*162(W)mm*181(H)mm
● Weight: 2260g


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