Photographic Equipment Rental Agreement

Photographic Equipment Rental Agreement

Between Rentalighting Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") and the user (hereinafter referred to as the "renter"), this "Equipment Rental Agreement" (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") was signed. Performed by Rainbow Store Camera. This agreement becomes official and takes effect when the tenant signs the paperwork. Signing this equipment rental agreement indicates that the renter accepts all of the terms and conditions of the agreement, whether or not they have read it. This equipment rental agreement and all its terms and conditions are subject to change at any moment, in the company's sole discretion. The Hirer acknowledges acceptance of the updated terms and conditions by signing the agreement. Both parties hereto agree, in line with the conditions of this Agreement, as follows:

1. Disclaimer

- Although the company takes every precaution to ensure that prices and descriptions are accurate, it retains the right to make corrections at any time. Without previous warning, all prices and availability are subject to change.

- The usage or malfunction of the equipment does not release the hirer from liability or claims. All liabilities resulting from the use or malfunction of the equipment are assumed by the hirer.

2. Rent

The lessor rents the things specified in the order from the firm, and the company rents to the lessee in accordance with the terms stated in this agreement.

The equipment listed below (henceforth referred to as "equipment").

3. Shipping plans

- The day that the equipment is agreed to be picked up between 12 noon and 5 pm and the day that it is returned between 12 noon and 5 pm is the rental calculation day. The business maintains the right to impose additional rent if any circumstances result in a delay during the handover period.

4. Risks

- Until the equipment is brought back to the company's premises, the renter bears all liability for any loss or damage to the equipment from the moment it leaves the company's property.

5. Rent and deposit

- The entire amount due either at the time of pickup or before. (The entire retail value of all rental equipment, which is the current recommended retail price by the company or the retail price of the item in Hong Kong, is the amount of the deposit. )

- The paid deposit will be reimbursed if the business determines that the equipment is returned in excellent shape and in the same state as before renting. The amount needed to repair or return the equipment to its original state will be subtracted from the deposit if any of the following situations arise: the equipment is damaged or altered; if the equipment is lost or destroyed beyond repair, the renter will be responsible for paying the full amount of the deposit to buy the same equipment.

6. Return Equipment

- All equipment must be put back in the original packaging that the business gave it in when it was rented. This needs to happen when it is brought back before to the office. To prevent damage during transportation, the equipment must be adequately safeguarded if the hirer does not utilize the original packing.

- The last day of the rental period (before 12 noon to 8 p.m.), the renter is required to return the equipment to the business's office.

7. Late return penalty

- If a return is made after the deadline, there will be a fine and the "late return penalty" will be subtracted from the deposit. The highest daily penalty after the deadline is three days' worth of equipment rental.

- The equipment will be deemed stolen, and the entire deposit will be utilized to buy the same item if it is not returned within 7 days of the expiration date.

- Should the equipment be misplaced or not returned, the business maintains the right to file both criminal and civil lawsuits. The renter is responsible for covering all damages incurred by the company if they return the equipment, they borrowed from them late and cause any losses.

8. The company cancels the order

- The firm retains the right, prior to agreeing on the equipment rental time, to cancel any order for any reason.

9. Ownership

- The Company will always be the owner of all rented equipment. The equipment is not subject to any rights or claims by the hirer.

10. Damaged or altered equipment

- Prior to receiving any rented equipment, the renter should examine it. To safeguard both parties, the renter must explain any existing damage to the equipment right away and maintain documentation of it.

- When the equipment is returned at the conclusion of the rental period, the company will charge the renter compensation for any damage that has occurred, with the amount taken out of the renter's deposit. Before giving the equipment back to the hirer, the hirer shall maintain it in excellent working order.

- The equipment may not be altered or modified by the hirer. Should any alterations be made, the renter shall pay all expenses incurred by the company to return the equipment to its original state prior to the rental.

- The renter is responsible for any risks of equipment damage sustained during the rental period. (It will be presumed that any damage to the equipment happened during the rental period unless the renter discloses damage to the Company at the time of inspection of the equipment.)

- If equipment is damaged, the business will determine a suitable repair location and technique. All maintenance fees are the renter's responsibility and will be subtracted from the security deposit.

- When returning the equipment to the company, the renter is responsible for making sure it is clean. The "cleaning fee" may be subtracted from the deposit if the business determines that the equipment needs to be cleaned after it is returned.

- The renter is responsible for paying the whole deposit and the cost of the replacement equipment to the company if the equipment is beyond repairable.

11. Defective equipment

- The hirer is not allowed to fix or alter the equipment on his own if the equipment malfunctions or is damaged because of carelessness or malicious activity. If any equipment is defective, the renter is required to return it to the firm. Depending on the extent of the damage, the company will deduct the appropriate amount from the deposit.

12. Lost accessories or equipment

- The renter is responsible for all risks of equipment loss, regardless of cause, throughout the rental period. If the renter notifies the company that the equipment is lost or stolen while the rental is in effect, the renter will be responsible for paying the whole deposit to cover the cost of purchasing new equipment. All deposits will be subtracted by the business to pay for recovered or lost equipment. The entire deposit, which is needed to buy replacement equipment, must be paid by the hirer if the equipment is not returned within seven days of the rental period ending.

- Absent add-ons

The complete expense of replacing any missing equipment (such as bags, tripod rings, chargers, batteries, covers, etc.) will be the renter's responsibility to the company.

13. Breach of contract

- Should the Hirer fail to pay the Company, all outstanding sums will be immediately payable. Should there be a breach of contract, the Hirer will bear the reasonable costs (including collection and legal fees) incurred by the Company in trying to get the money owed from the Hirer. The Company retains the right to pursue any and all criminal and civil legal actions, including but not restricted to obtaining possession of the equipment, collecting any unpaid balances using the renter's designated payment method, engaging a third-party collection agency or private detective, bringing criminal charges, and taking any other reasonable legal action. civil litigation. Selecting one of the options above does not imply giving up the others.

14. Extra costs associated with postponement or cancellation

- After the rescheduling, the tenant will be liable for any damages or associated costs that the business incurs.

15. Plans for typhoons and unusual weather

- Black rainstorms or typhoon signals of no less than eight

If a black rainstorm warning or typhoon signal No. 8 is issued more than two hours before the scheduled rental time, the rental firm will work with the renter to adjust the date and time or cancel the reservation.

- Red rains storms or typhoon signals of no less than three

The rental service will still leave on time if Typhoon Signal No. 3 or Red Rainstorm Warning is issued before the scheduled rental time, or if the higher Typhoon Signal is changed to Typhoon Signal No. 3 and the Black Rainstorm Warning is changed to Red Rainstorm Warning two hours prior to the event. Consumers must stay in constant communication with the business to verify settlement arrangements.

16. Hong Kong law governs the phrases above

The renter is responsible for utilizing the equipment in accordance with Hong Kong law. Any legal concerns resulting from the usage of the equipment are unrelated to our company.

** Please refer to the rental contract's Chinese version.

攝影器材 租借協議

本「器材租借協議」(以下簡稱「協議」)為 RentaLighting Limited(以下簡稱「本公司」)與貴用戶(以下簡稱「租用人」)訂立之協議,由 Rainbow Store Camera 代理執行。租用人簽署文件後或已付租金/押金即表示本協議成立及生效。無論租用人是否已閱讀本器材租借協議,簽署文件後即表示租用人同意受本協議及其所有條款及細則約束。本公司有權隨時修改本器材租借協議及其所有條款及細則。簽署文件後或已付租金/押金後即表示租用人接受修改後的條款及細則。根據本協議之協定,雙方現同意如下:

1. 免責聲明

- 本公司盡一切努力確保說明及價格的準確性,並保留隨時更正任何錯誤之權利。所有價格及供應量如有任何調整,恕不另行通知。

- 本公司不承擔任何因器材使用或故障所造成的責任或索賠。租用人自行承擔所有可能由器材使用或故障而引起之一切責任。

2. 租借



3. 交收安排

租賃計算日為約定提取器材當天的中午 12 點至下午 5 點之間領取設備,並必須在約定交還當天的中午 12 點至下午 5 點之間歸還。如交還時期有任何因素引致延遲,本公司有權收取額外租金。

4. 風險

- 由器材離開本公司物業計起,租用人即開始承擔器材遺失或損壞之所有責任,直至器材被歸還至本公司物業。

5. 租金及按金

- 必須在取貨前或取貨時全額支付租金和按金。


- 如本公司滿意器材被歸還後之狀態,及其狀態良好,與租用前無異,已繳交的按金將獲得退還。如出現下列情況:器材被損壞或修改,將從按金中扣除修理和/或恢復租借予租用人前之器材狀態的所需金額;或無法維修之損壞或遺失器材,租用人須向本公司支付相當於全額按金之金額,以重新購買同一器材。

6. 歸還器材

- 所有器材歸還予本公司之辦公室時,必須放置於本公司租出時所提供之原包裝內。如果租用人不使用原包裝,則必須適當保護器材,以確保器材在運送過程中不會被損壞。

- 租用人應在租借期限的最後一天,於該工作天結束前(中午12 點至下午 5 點前)將器材交還予本公司之辦公室內。

7. 逾期歸還罰款

- 逾期歸還將被罰款,並將從按金中扣除「逾期歸還罰款」。在到期日後,最高每日罰款相等於 3 天器材租金的費用。

- 到期日後7天內,如器材並未被歸還,將被視為被盜,全額按金將用作重新購買同一器材。

- 如器材未被歸還或遺失,本公司保留一切刑事及民事追究之權利。

- 如因租用人逾期歸還本公司所租借的器材並造成本公司任何損失,租用人需要支付所有本公司所損失的金額

8. 本公司取消訂單

- 在協定租借器材的時間前,本公司保留可就任何理由取消任何訂單的權利。

9. 擁有權

- 所有租借的器材在任何時候均屬本公司所擁有。租用人對器材並無任何權利或索償地位。

10. 損壞或改裝器材

- 租用人應在收到器材前檢查清楚所有租借之器材,如發覺器材有已存在之損壞,應24小時內說明並保存記錄以保護雙方。如果租用人並未就已存在的損壞通知本公司,在租借期結束歸還器材時,本公司將向租用人收取(從按金中扣除)該損壞之賠償。

- 在歸還租用人所租借的器材前,租用人應保持器材狀態良好。

- 租用人不得修改或更改器材。如果進行任何修改,租用人將負責本公司恢復器材租借前狀態之所有費用。

- 在租借期間,租用人須承擔器材損壞之全部風險。( 除非租用人在檢查器材之時向本公司報告已存在損壞,否則將假設任何器材損壞都在租借期間發生。)

- 如器材有損壞,本公司將選擇合理之維修方法與地點,租用人須承擔所有維修費,維修費用將從按金中扣除。

- 租用人歸還器材予本公司時,必須確保器材清潔。如器材在歸還後,經本公司認為必須進行清潔,則可從按金中扣除「清潔費用」

- 如果器材之損壞程度達致無法維修,租用人應向本公司支付購買替代器材之全部金額,即全額按金。

11. 故障器材

- 如因租用人的疏忽或故意行為造成器材故障和/或損壞,租用人不得自行修理或修改器材。租用人必須將此類故障器材歸還予本公司,本公司將根據器材損壞程度,從按金中扣除相應費用。

12. 遺失器材或配件

- 在租借期間,租用人須承擔因任何原因造成遺失器材之全部風險。如果租用人在租借期間報稱器材遺失或被盜,租用人須向本公司承擔購買新器材之金額,即全額按金。本公司將扣除所有按金以重新購買遺失或被盜器材。

- 在租借期限屆滿後七天內,如租用人仍未歸還器材,租用人須承擔購買替代器材之所需金額,即全額按金。

- 遺失配件


13. 違約

- 如果出現違約情況,租用人對本公司的所有欠款皆立即到期。在違約情況下,租用人應負責本公司嘗試向租用人收回欠款之合理費用,包括收款費和律師費。本公司保留一切刑事及民事追究之權利,包括但不限於:追討器材擁有權、從租用人提供之付款方式收取任何欠款、聘用外部收款公司或私人調查員、提交刑事指控以及任何可行之民事訴訟。採取以上任何一項方法並不代表放棄其他方式。

14. 取消或改期下衍生的額外費用


15. 颱風及特別天氣下安排

- 八號或更高颱風訊號或黑色暴雨


- 三號颱風訊號或紅色暴雨警告


16. 以上條款受香港法律管轄

- 租用人使用器材時請遵守香港法律,因使用器材時而產生的一切法律問題與本公司無關

** 租賃合約以中文版為準