Fxlion BP-HP600 14.4V 559Wh High Power Waterproof V-Mount Battery


Fxlion BP-HP600 14.4V 559Wh High Power Waterproof V-Mount Battery

Introducing our revolutionary 14.4V / 559Wh high power waterproof battery, purpose-built for compatibility with 400W high-power equipment. Its compact structural design and integrated shell and output terminal design achieves an unparalleled energy density ratio, providing the ultimate Li-ion capacity within a remarkably small volume. With an IP54 waterproof rating and a robust 30A high-power discharger, it perfectly meets the demands of equipment like 300W+ LED lights, cameras, and film and television gear that can directly utilize portable V-mount batteries. The dual D-Tap design, each outputting at 14.4V/10A, enables synchronous power for external devices or high-power external equipment while ensuring maximum efficiency.

● Working current up to 30A
● Two D-Tap Inputs/Outputs
● 5-Level status indicator
● IP54 waterproof
● Shockproof
● Smart protection circuit (short-circuit, over-charge, over-discharge)

● Capacity : 38.8Ah / 559Wh
● Voltage : 14.4V
● Mount : V-Mount
● IP Rating : IP54
● Battery Output : 14.4V/30A (400W)
● D-Tap Output : 14.4V/10A 2 x
● Dimensions : 161.7(L)mm×104.7(W)mm×105.5(H)mm
● Weight : 2’784g


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